Our Frameworks are “No record & Playback”, just “Framework based” for reusability. Software Automation is the key to success for any long run projects/products. As more modules are added to the project, the complexity & scope of the application increases & more QA team members have to be added to the team.

Without automation, the QA team will not be able to successfully execute all test scenarios or test case build during the months/years of development. Every QA team member try not to make mistake(s) during execution or skip test scenarios, but sometimes depending on test cycle timeline, release priority, hotfix cycle, etc. they have to shorten execution of test scenarios/test cases, which is inevitable. Some regression defects could seep into production, these risks could be minimized through automation. On another side, when the application is in maintenance mode, testing may not be as efficient as it was during the actual development cycle, this kind of risks could be reduced by automation.

For one our US customer, we have automated more than 7000+ test cases using Borland Silktest Tool covering critical path scenarios and regression test cases. Running these automated scripts on a feature release test cycle showed an average saving of 40% in time & effort of the QA team.

For another Argentina customer, we have automated more than 1750+ test cases for 3 different portals using BStriker Test Manager - ALM

We can help you with any automation tool - be it BStriker, Selenium, SilkTest, QTP, Watir, VSTS, Telerik TestStudio, TestComplete, etc..  

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