Automation Tools, Projects & Domains

Automation Tools Specialized & Expertise Our definition

Specialize: Our Team has worked on multiple projects, having hands on experience on the tool.

Expertise: Out Team has sufficient knowledge on the tool to complete the project successfully.

Commercial automation tools - Tools Specialized

  • Borland / Micro focus SilkTest

Commercial automation tools - Tools Expertise

  • QTP – resources available immediately
  • AutomatedQA Test Complete
  • BStriker Test Manager ALM with inbuilt Selenium runner

Open source automation tools - Tools Specialized

  • Watir - Web Application Testing in Ruby - Expertise resources available immediately.
  • Watij - Web Application Testing in Java
  • Selenium
  • WET Web Tester

Open source automation tools - Tools Expertise

  • Canoo WebTest
  • Selenium Java Evidence
  • Soap UI - tool for Testing Web Service
  • Robot Framework
  • Watin

Automation Projects and Domains

Educational Domain:
  • We have done automation for clients in educational domain having Web Based applications which were very much dynamic in nature and were not possible to be done with tools like QTP.
  • We have written codes which handle this dynamic nature of the application and also the same code is capable to run on IE (6, 7, 8, 9 and 10), Firefox X and Chrome X. More than 1000+ cases which run on every build and a report is generated automatically and email to client.
  • Many more ….

Trading Domain:

  • We have also done automation for clients in trading domain having JAVA based application (client - server).
  • More than 20K+ cases which ran on every build, run was distributed across multiple machines and had to be completed in the given time frame as per the SLA.
  • For reporting we had a reporting website hosted and it had reports stored for all previous runs.
  • Production health checks were also automated and were run on daily basis before the start of London and US markets.
  • Runs were initiated through mails (automation integrated with emails).

Telecom Domain:

  • We have done automation for client in Telecom domain having web  & JAVA based application (Swings & applets)
  • Defined automation process for Porting of phone number & applicable data from between applications & providing log file with email status update periodically.
  • Automation of order entry system - orders from initial floor management to order implementation & completion.
  • Many more ….