Performance Testing

“Performance Testing is the important aspect when scaling the application in real world.”
In reality if your application fails to respond, your business does downturn.

Thought Frameworks specializes in Performance Engineering, which focuses on addressing various scalability and performance issues of an application and its IT infrastructure. With vast Performance Engineering experience, extensive domain knowledge, tools, and technical expertise, Thought Frameworks helps its customers in deploying highly scalable applications.

Thought Frameworks Performance Testing and Validation Services blend performance testing and engineering techniques to enable business transformation of new and existing applications.

Implementation & Best Practices: Clear defined goals while developing performance scripts for any projects

  • Performance test: To determine or validate speed, scalability, and/or stability.
  • Load test: To verify application behavior under normal and peak load conditions.
  • Stress test: To determine or validate an application’s behavior when it is pushed beyond normal or peak load conditions.
  • Capacity test: To determine how many users and/or transactions a given system will support and still meet performance goals.

Performance measurements

  • Agent health control measurements
  • Internet-related measurement types
  • Web-specific measurements
  • Database-specific measurements

Points covered in our reporting

  • Actual Results
  • Known bottlenecks
  • Fine tuned
  • Other supporting information
  • Recommendation

Challenges how we resolved for one of our educational domain customer

  • SaaS application platform - performance tested with a load of 40,000 concurrent users using Silk Performer & VSTS load test.
  • Tested for application speed, robustness, scalability and confidence to handle 2+ million student records by the end of 2013.
  • Framework developed was data & module driven, easy to understand and maintain.
  • Customize automatic reports generation.
  • Constant monitoring & Analysis for failure at different level - Web & database servers, Network & firewalls.