Performance Testing Tools, Projects & Domains

Performance Testing Tools Specialized & Expertise

Our definition

Specialize: Our Team has worked on multiple projects, having hands on experience on the tool.
Expertise: Our Team has sufficient knowledge on the tool to complete the project successfully.

Commercial Performance tools - Tools Specialized

  • Borland/Microfocus SilkPerformer – multiple projects being executed, resources available immediately – can provide prototype Framework for customer’s application module with turnaround time of 2 to 3 days after understanding end user application.
  • SilkPerformer® CloudBurst
  • NeoLoad

Commercial Performance tools - Tools Expertise

  • LoadRunner
  • Micro Focus QALoad

Open source Performance tools - Tools Specialized

  • Radviews WebLoad

Open source Performance tools - Tools Expertise

  • OpenSTA
  • Jmeter

Performance Testing - Root Cause analysis Tools Expertise

  • Dynatrace

Cloud Computing Performance Testing Expertise

  • LoadStorm
  • Browser Mob
  • Monitis' Web LoadTester